30+ Creative & Cool Photo Ideas for Instagram Feed

Photo Ideas for Instagram –  Instagram is an amazing image-based social media to stay in touch with friends and family. You can congratulate a friend on their birthday, pregnancy announcement or show your support for a family member’s new talent with just using your phone. It’s easier to connect with people when you can scroll through a feed of important life moments they’ve shared.

Besides, you can also use Instagram as a tool to keep connected to your customer as a business entity. Instagram allows you to have close relationship with you audience to improve your credibility and trust as you share your business activity on the behind the scene. It’s quite fascinating to see how impactful this Instagram is, so being serious in managing your Instagram account can be a great advantage.

In this article, I am going to share to you about some photography ideas for Instagram that you can use to live up your account. Check it out!


How to Pick Cool Pictures for Instagram Profile?

cool picture for Instagram profile

Your profile picture is the 1st thing of what people see, just like your face. Make sure that you really optimize your Instagram profile picture before going any further. In this case, better to give clear head-shot of your face or your picture alone. Do not use group picture as your profile! People that don’t know you, will not able to see which one is you. Here’s some ideas in mind to pick cool picture for Instagram profile:

  • Show your full Head shot!

Show your full Head shot

Put a personal face on your profile picture, unless you’re a recognized brand name, or your service is extensively acknowledged by your logo design, utilize your face as your Account Photo. Individuals don’t “link” with a logo design, they connect with a face.

Try no to show something “cute” as your character, particularly if it does not relate to your brand name. Your face is your ideal calling card.

  • Smile & Show your personality

smiling for camera

While you do want to look businesslike, you DON’T wish to look staid and withdrawn. Keep in mind that people do business with people they recognize, like, and also depend on. The first step to being like-able is to smile. Make eye call, as well as reveal your character in your position! Positive feelings attract. Neutral expressions are boring.

  • Make it Professional

keep it simple

To get finest result, do not mind to hire a pro to take some wonderful headshots. If that’s not in the spending plan, get a close friend with a great video camera, a great eye, and a steady hand. If you want individuals to take you seriously as a business owner DO NOT put up a sloppy “selfie.” See to it your photo is crisp as well as clear, and you look professional.

A neutral or low-key tone color works best. Keep it basic, you don’t want a lot of mess behind-the-scenes completing for interest. If your background has a color, make certain it’s one that flatters you.

  • What’s the best Instagram Profile Picture Size?

Instagram Profile Picture pixels

The Instagram Profile Picture size is 152 pixels in size on the web. I advise you make use of a bigger image to make sure it won’t be blurry! A 500 pixel square will deal with any kind of social network. You can submit any dimension picture, and also scale and also crop as you wish. You do not get an alternative to include filters.

Photo Editing Ideas for Instagram

tools for Photo Editing

In photo editing for Instagram, there are different kinds of software that you can use. Here some software to be used:

  • Instagram Filter

instagram filter

If you don’t have too many time to spend to edit your picture, just simply use Instagram filter to enhance your image. The feature mostly allows you to edit the tone colors, brightness and contrast, saturation and hue. There are lot of different filter that you can use to make you picture more lively in easy way!

  • Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom


This software is professional tools in picture editing. You have to buy the license in order to use and operate this software. You might use this software if you are really concern with your picture, maybe you are the brand-representatives or Selebgram. This tools mainly use to fix heavy problem in your image, starting from retouching, removes wrinkles, smoothing, and etc.

  • PICMonkey


If you want to fix those heavy problem in simple and easy way, you can use this simple app in your computer. This tool allows you to retouch your picture in simple way, you can retouch your make up and eye color, applying total make over, and retouch your portrait picture. Just simply go to the website!

Good Photo ideas for Instagram

Cool Photography ideas for Instagram

Instagram is among the biggest Social-Media networks. With greater than 800+ million day-to-day users and also 25 million advertisers, today we can say that Instagram is a has to for nearly every service available.

Just publishing random images, videos or Boomerangs on Instagram won’t make any type of distinction for your brand name existence or perhaps your organisation. Here we go, here is some good photo ideas for Instagram!

Instagram selfie ideas

Instagram selfie ideas

This is a trend that isn’t dying out anytime quickly. Use your front-facing camera to break an image of you in an amazing area. This angle will certainly maintain you the focal point while additionally displaying your unique history. You can capture what you’re doing or unique moment where you are involved in easily by using this selfie stuff. You can also use selfie stick to make wider image to accommodate more background or people.

Cute Photo Ideas for Instagram

kawaii Photo Ideas for Instagram

Sick of selfies? The usual shots do get boring and also recurring after awhile, and if you want your feed to look fire you definitely need to transform it up. Posting cute photos in your Instagram can really works to improve the engagement with your friend or audience. Here some cute things that you can capture as your Instagram feed picture or story.

  • Pet

Pet picture

People like to see your family pets. Take a look at all those renowned hedgehogs that have made it big on Instagram! They’re the actual social media stars. So, do your complying with a favor and also break a photo of your very own fluff.

We can not await every person to go home so we can see their pet on their home. There’s an endless amount of admiration for animals in this globe, and also we can not obtain enough of our animal. Get a little innovative with your companion before you snuggle up, and also capture something cuddly for your ‘Gram.

  • Childhood Picture

childhood photograph

Sharing childhood picture from the old photo book  can be a great ideas to be shared. People loves to see how is your look when you was kid, and people who know you since you’re baby will be amazed of how fast the time passed to see you grown up.

  • Color

Colorful Theme

Absolutely nothing catches people’s focus like color. Attempt finding a brightly colored wall surface or backdrop as well as striking a present before it. The message will radiate positivity as well as power to your followers.

Instagram photo ideas for guys and girls

  • Achievement

Instagram ideas for guys and girls


Is there something you’ve been striving at? Share your success with your family and friends. Not just do you be entitled to some recognition, yet it may inspire others too. Your individual success are something to commemorate. Here is some newborn photography ideas, just in case you have new family member.

  • Life’s Milestone

The most amazing Instagram moments are the big life moments. Ensure to record life’s landmarks such as college graduation, your interaction or your pregnancy with pictures. Share your happiness with your followers and also let them celebrate alongside you.

  • Nature

Nature picture ideas for Instagram

Never underestimate a great nature shot. Sure, we love posting photos of ourselves when we most likely to cool places. Yet, appeal is in the eye of the observer, as well as your feed and also followers want to see your surroundings.

A saturated sundown, some fun and also flirty palms, or a basic succulent shot will surely boost your area on social media. Perhaps you lately went hiking and also captured the sight from the mountain, or went daydreaming with your significant other.

  • Tell A Story

Tell A Story

Once upon a time, you got on a journey somewhere and something you weren’t expecting taken place. Share these moments with your family and friends. Often the most spontaneous as well as random incidents make the most effective stories.

  • Talent

Picture of talent ideas

Do you have a skill that not many people find out about? Instagram is the excellent area to disclose it due to the fact that you have the assistance of your friends and family. You never ever recognize, somebody else might additionally step forward with a similar talent that you can bond over.

What has been eating your ideas or time recently? Do you have a brand-new preferred writer or have you began a brand-new activity? Share a shot of your existing interest.

  • Your Work

work portfolio instagram display

What’s been taking up your time recently? Is it a brand-new project at the office or fine-tuning a new ability? Whatever it may be, if it’s such a huge component of your life you must share it with the globe. Your loved ones will be there to encourage your progress.

Photo Ideas for Instagram at home

Photography Ideas for Instagram at home

Sharing your activities at home can also be a good ideas for your Instagram feed. People are love to see what are you doing on your most place to spend. You can take an artistic approach on you activities or scene on your home.

  • Activity

Activity at home

What did you have for breakfast? Did you workout? Practice meditation? Chase the youngsters or pets around your home? What makes your early morning outstanding or demanding? Take a large shot of the entire point, a close of what you’re servicing, and little information that include you, your face, or your hands.

  • Current Hobbies

 instagram stories boomerang

Are you waiting for something on Netflix or simply had a stack of books provided from Amazon? tell us what you’re caring lately. What obtains you out of bed in the early morning? Aids you stay energized? Advises you to keep taking place a routine basis?

  • Food

food posting stories instagram

Your followers love food. So, next time you consume something extremely good, share it with the world. An inside story of ice cream will be so pleasant among your selfies, as well as a burger from Shake Shack will certainly obtain your followers yearning so much more than just content.

Instagram Photo ideas with friends

Instagram Photography ideas with friends

Our besties are really the best when we need to develop some web content. Every staff has at least one artistic close friend, or somebody who is always down for a picture shoot. They’re the ones that will do anything simply to obtain the ideal angle, or will certainly present for hrs while you load your video camera roll.

  • Building Community

instagram with community

Attending conference or special meeting? that might be a good idea for your post. You can share your community to let people know about what you’re up to. People love to see your involvement in community.

  • Groupie Picture

groupie picture with family

Take group picture after event or meeting always be so fun. Not only just as precious memoir, but also you can share the moment easily with people in the picture just by tagging the photos.

Instagram Picture ideas for summer

Instagram Photo ideas for summer

Planning for vacation? Its always be so fun to see what people are doing in their vacation. The funny and unique story is always fun to know, traveling is about new things and experience, by sharing that Instagram, you can share your new knowledge to people.

  • Summer Photo ideas for Instagram

Summer Photo ideas for Instagram

Seeing your summer vacation picture can work really well to make you energize in hard time. Share those experience to your close friend.

  • Travel Preparation

Travel Preparation

Planning your travel can also be a good time to take picture. Snap some of your luggage picture with other traveling stuff or you can snap the airplane window to let people know that you’re not to be in your city.

Feeling Stuck? Things to Post on Instagram When Your Bored!

Feeling bored and nothing to do? Snap a picture to connect with your friend. May be you can talk with your old friend and open up new opportunity! Who knows! Here is some ideas of post that you can take when you’re bored.

Creative Pictures to Post on Instagram

Things to Post on Instagram When Your Bored

Some days are much more photogenic than others. To keep from overposting all at once, attempt developing a collection of points. Rather than concentrating on one object or one picture, combine them all in one message.

Take an artistic technique to your Instagram article. Lay a selection of items level on a surface as well as take the photo from overhead. This shot stumbles upon even more all-natural if it includes everyday items. Try integrating a mug of coffee or tea to make your image feel even more present and spur of the moment.

Cute things to Post on Instagram

Cute dogs to Post on Instagram

Have you just recently been with something that you can show to your friends to prevent them from making the very same error? Maybe you have some young puppy proofing pointers or dining establishment suggestions? Share your experience to make sure that others do not need to clean up the exact same mess.

Quote for Instagram

Quote for Instagram

An image is worth a thousand words, yet often a quote is all your feed actually requires. Instagram is all about creating motivating visuals, yet words can have fairly the impact, as well. Particularly on Mondays, most of us require a little inspiration or a concept. Posting a quote won’t just add to your account, it will offer your fans all the right really feels.

Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to comment and share with us!


Taking Photo Ideas for Instagram is not really that hard things to do, all you need to do is just take a second to break and make a flash reflection about what you’re doing and up to or what kind of new things that you want to share to people. You can just share your picture simply with Instagram filter or you can edit that with more heavy tools like Photoshop for image enhancement. Keep one thing in your mind, Just express yourself in a fun way!

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