2019 Trend of Newborn Photography Ideas & Tips for Poses, Props & Settings

Newborn Photography ideas- The coming of your awaiting beloved baby is one of a really amazing time on our life. Different kind of preparation, starting from making special room, clothes and other accessories are the must thing to do to welcome the cutie baby. Besides, capturing those moment of your newborn entering this new life is really precious!

In this article, I’m going to share about how is the best way to capture those moments, tips for make your own picture at home, how to set your camera and lighting, several pose and props ideas that you can use to make it all looks good! check it out!

How to do Newborn Photography?

How to do Newborn Photography

What is newborn photography? If you asking that question, the best way to describe it is the portrait picture of your newborn within the first two weeks of him/her early time of life. As the nature of portrait itself that focusing more on certain detail of expression, gesture, texture of the subject, the newborn photography concerns more on your baby expression, poses, detail of their faces or certain unique birthmarks.

Portrait is identical with aperture priority with wide aperture to make great depth of field, but its actually depends on what kind of portrait or scenario that you want to make whether its subject or detailed center, or you also trying to explain the environmental situation of the subject. If that’s the case, you can adjust your aperture to be more narrow in order to get the environmental detail. We’ll discuss about it in the next headings.

Best Lens for Newborn Photography

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Tutorial – Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners

Tutorial - Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners
Julie Johnson

Alright, before we go further, there is basic things that you should know about. In general, newborn photography groups into 2 type, the poses or studio session and lifestyle newborn photography. Those two things are different in the nature of the environment around the baby.

How to do newborn photography at home?

In the studio session photography, the focus  is the shots the ideal looking of the baby. Some props are usually being used for this session, like blankets, covers, hats, & headbands. Commonly, The session could last approximately 4 hours with feeding, potty breaks, and also presenting.

Lifestyle newborn photography

In the other hand, the lifestyle newborn photography is more natural in a way of taking the actual situation and environment on the family or house. The best thing in this type of lifestyle photography is that you can capture the warmth and beautiful bond of the other family members by including them in the picture. How great it is! to see those lovely beautiful moments to be captured that you can have those feeling arise in the future. You can see some ideas of studio session and lifestyle newborn photography later on this article.

What is the camera settings for newborn pictures?

What is the camera settings for newborn pictures?
João Silas

DSLR and Mirroless Camera can be both used in this kind of photography, it depends if you want to take it in more silence disturbing way for the baby, the mirroless is the best choice. Both of these camera nowadays can produce similarly high quality picture with high resolutions. Just make sure you take the picture in RAW format so you can print it in large print with good quality. Make sure you provide different kind of lenses to support different kind of situation and scenario.

Taking the newborn is all about right timing and moments. So you have to make sure your camera have wide range of ISO’s and also shutter speed to to take those split second moments. Besides, the wide aperture lens will also help you in low light and also taking various kind of depth of field which is really important in portrait picture. You will mostly use wide open aperture with quite high ISO to compensate the shutter as you want to take the right moments. Check my studio, Bara Studio Pontianak

What lens to use for newborn photography?

What lens to use for newborn photography?
Tyler Quick

Portrait lens is always be good for newborn photography as you wan to take the details of your objects with wide range of aperture to produce great depth of field.  One of the lens that is commonly used is the Canon EF 100m f/2.8L – the close-up details from this lens are beautiful and it’s also great as a portrait lens.

How to light newborn photography?

 light newborn photography
Ryan Graybill – Omar Lopez

After deciding whether you want to take the studio or lifestyle situation, next job is to adjust the light. Photography is all about light, maybe you find some beneficiary if you take the picture in studio situation as you can get the light manipulated easily, but if you taking the picture in lifestyle environment, this can be your another homework to do. make sure you checking the room or place before the photo session so that you can get some ideas and picture on how’s the light going to be worked. More ideas to look for? check this article

How to pose a newborn for photography?

How to pose a newborn for photography?
Brytny.com, Jenna Norman, Ciprian Sam, Shelby Miller

Posing a topic is an ability that numerous professional photographers discover challenging by itself, but posing a newborn can be downright scary for some. When it involves newborn digital photography, security constantly precedes. This fragile mini human is fragile as well as does not comply with any kind of presenting hints, so as a newborn professional photographer, you should become a professional at exactly how to properly and also safely posture babies.

Newborn poses guide 

Newborn pose ideas

Here are some ideas that you can you when photographing newborn, starting from posing with family, daddy, mommy, siblings and also baby alone. Each basic pose has simple variations, you can try by yourself to take from different angles and compositions, hopefully you find this ideas helpful for you!

1. Pose Ideas with Family

Pose Ideas with Family

2. Pose Ideas with Daddy

Pose Ideas with Daddy

3. Newborn Pose Ideas with Siblings

Pose Ideas with Siblings

4. Pose Ideas on Tummy

Pose Ideas on Tummy
https://www.hayleygibbsphotography.com/ http://www.rayelawphotography.com/blog/2012/11/simply-baby-session/ http://manualdetecnicafotografica.com/libro/ http://granfoto.info/blog/por-donde-empiezo/

5. Propped Elbow Pose

Propped Elbow Pose
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6. Newborn Photography Pose Ideas Smiling at Camera

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas Smiling at Camera
http://brittanyestes.com/2013/07/20-newborn-photo-ideas.html http://artlimagerie.tumblr.com/post/67813680997 http://esther-dianne.tumblr.com/ kayla paler https://www.instagram.com/p/BWq8lNMFQ2j/

7. Baby Portraits Alone

Baby Portraits Alone
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8. Newborn boy photography

Newborn boy photography
www.stacinoelphotography.com kimberlyG Photography https://www.blogdehumor.com/bebe-al-que-sus-padres-disfrazan-cuando-se-duerme/ triple vision studio donna beck photography

9. Newborn girl photography

Newborn girl photography
http://cursodefotografiaonline.net/13-fotografias-de-bebes-13-errores.html https://www.kellykristinephotography.com/2018/02/20/leighton-studio-newborn-session/ freshideen.com

Cute Female Poses

10. Twin newborn photography

Twin newborn photography
http://cursodefotografiaonline.net/13-fotografias-de-bebes-13-errores.html http://julienewellphotography.com/ochoa-twins-chicago-newborn-photographer/ AlyshaThompson photography

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How to wrap a newborn photography?

Newborn photography props

Newborn photography property
postris.com, pinterest.com, http://fotografiacursos.org, http://manualdetecnicafotografica.com, https://twigandolivephotography.com/

1. Newborn on Basket and Crates

2. Faux Fur Blanket

3. Chair

4. Flowers

5. Blanket

6. Animals Dolls

7. Newspaper and Calendar

8. Hats

9. Stretch warps

10. Fall Time

11. Spring Time

12. Winter Time

Where to buy newborn photography props ?

newborn photography ideas

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