DIY Photo Display Ideas – 20 Cleverly Creative Way to Show Your Favorite Photos

DIY Photo Display Ideas – Now that every smartphone has at least one camera, we all take far more pictures than before when we had only normal cameras.

Apart from the narcissistic selfies, the ability to snape something at any time is also a blessing. When you look over them, you can immortalize special times to return all the wonderful sentiments of that moment.

Instead of simply posting all of them on social media, why don’t you decorate your home with the incredible memories that you’ve caught in time?

You showed your pictures in frames and called it a day. Although simple frames are still a great way to go, there are now so many other photo display ideas to turn your images into a cool memorable display. Even imagining new and enjoyable ways to show off your prints on the fly can be challenging.

Steal these photo display ideas or save them for the next time you’re ready to show off your favorite photos.

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20 Amazing DIY Photo Display Ideas for Living Room

20 Amazing DIY Photo Display Ideas for Living Room
20 Amazing DIY Photo Display Ideas for Living Room

Images are not only contemporary paintings but also a perfect way to recall the best moments of your family members. Perhaps the most common way to decorate your home is to show photos on the wall, showcasing your family at their best, so let’s see what variants there are.

Just attaching them to walls is the simplest way – no frames, no nails, just glue or washi tape – simple, quick, and modern; you can also print them like Instagram and make a real Instagram collage. To stick to the wall without frames, such a collage can be rendered as a cohesive artwork, in a single frame, or printed out on cubes.

Polaroids are not forgotten so that you can make a fun gallery wall of them, too, whenever and wherever you want. That’s a timeless concept. A gallery wall is a widespread way to display images and pictures. If you plan to frame the images, go for various frames—of different sizes and colors—it looks modern and eye-catching, and such an eclectic gallery wall will attract attention.

Want anything more timeless? The matches and identical pictures are preferable – just black and white or colored pictures.

Check Our Wall Decor Ideas below:

1. Arrange your prints into a grid

photo frames on the wall living room layout display ideas
Photo from Instagram @costco

Do you have a lot of prints to display? The more pictures there are, the greater the grid! To keep your grid clean and consistent, we suggest using a ruler to spread out your prints. We recommend that you experiment with angles and spacing a little bit to create more innovative photo display ideas. Just make sure that you’re using poster tape so that your wall or prints are not damaged.

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2. Photo Clock

photo display ideas wall clocks
Photo from Instagram @jasikaenterprises

Not only can you organize your favorite photo display ideas on your wall, but a photo display can be turned into a practical clock!

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3. Canvas Frames

canvas photo gallery wall display ideas
Photo from Instagram @lynnmumbingmejia

Conventional decorative wisdom suggests that odd numbers work best to show art. Try and grab this group of canvases of various sizes, personalized with your favorite images. The same sort of frame helps to bind it together.

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4. Clipboard Gallery Wall

photo frames on the wall living room layout display ideas clipboard
Photo from Instagram @lafayeartstudios

Perhaps not all that fresh is the concept of using a clipboard to DIY photo display ideas. But this display idea shows you how to make thick, durable clipboards of your own that look beautifully modern art. The gold metal clipboard is going to make the colors burst with liveliness in your pictures.

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5. Wood and Light Display

photo display ideas on wood
Photo from Instagram @kalaghar

This DIY photo display ideas has a genuine rustic charm from which you can’t pry yourself away. Of course, you can use it to hang just about anything, but I think this is great for some memorable family pictures. All you indecisive crafters will love this one because the photographs are not permanent: you can turn them up as much as you want.

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6. Photo Display Ideas Standing Frames

photo display ideas living room

If you want eye-catching DIY photo display ideas, a space divider, or both, Pano is the perfect addition to your home!

It has space to hold 18 images, artworks, or illustrations to create a one-of-a-kind show that serves as a large decorative piece at the same time.

Pano can be modified to cover up more or less space to accommodate your needs with swiveling posts and rotating columns.

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7. Wooden Photo Display Ideas

family photo display ideas creative living rooms
family photo display ideas for creative living rooms

With your favorite videos, keepsakes and artwork, build your own DIY Photo Display Ideas. For a statement-making gallery wall, hang clothesline on its own or couple with other frames.

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8. Vintage Frames for Photo Display Ideas

vintage photo display ideas inspiration
Photo from Instagram @homesweetbroc

Not only is it an elegant decoration in your house, coffee shop, art gallery, displaying good memories vividly in front of your eyes, but this antique rustic brown picture frame is great for your DIY photo display ideas.

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9. Polaroid Printing

polaroid photo wall ideas display
Photo from Instagram @paperitdesign

Find beautiful wall art that you admire and use mini clothespins to attach your favorite polaroid pictures over it. Another DIY Photo Display Ideas uses photo frames and a fun Polaroid collection to make your room more dynamic.

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10. Create a gallery vibe

modern photo display ideas living rooms
DIY photo display ideas for living rooms use modern style

Nothing looks like sleek modern artistic works other than floating frames. Show illustrations, artwork, pictures, and more by creating DIY Photo Display Ideas, Collage, or Gallery-inspired walls with Exhibit. Put two exhibits side by side to make a beautiful statement of a gallery wall.

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11. Mix art and interior design

family photo display ideas creative living rooms
Photo from Amazon

The only thing about your DIY photo display ideas doesn’t have to be your photos. To make your pictures pop on the wall, mix in different photos.

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12. Light String Photo Display Ideas

wall hanging photo frames display ideas
Photo taken from

The string lights make it all a little bit better. So try to show the people and places that add a little light to your life by using them. If you get a little creative with how you string them up, from just this one idea, you will have multiple ways to display photos.

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13. Photo Magnet Display Ideas

Amazing refrigerator photo display magnets ideas
Photo from

You don’t just have to live online with Instagram photos. You can quickly turn your favourite pictures on social media into magnets for your kitchen to display. Choose a smattering of the ones you love, send in the links, and arrange on your fridge the finished product as you want.

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14. Photo Calendar Display Ideas

DIY Photo Display Ideas Unique
Photo from @sageandbirchco

The calendar design can remain steady on the desk and allow you to change pictures by flipping over pages freely. It is stylish because of the hard cardboard cover, soft inner pockets and steady coil. It was very fashionable and convenient. Light in weight, but stable and long-lasting. The album can be used not only to hold images but also to hold cards. PERFECT GIFT: Sweet and stylish, this is a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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15. Photo Hanger Display Ideas

photo hanging ideas diy display
Photo from Instagram

To hang it on the wall in an elevated way, you do not need a frame. A print hanger gives you all the sophistication of a frame and the unique minimalist appeal that can create space. You have to pick a giant photo print you love and slip it into the hanger.

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16. Barn Beam Shelves

DIY photo display ideas home decor
Photo from Instagram @gracefulfeelings

DIY Photo Display Ideas is an excellent way to express your personal style. Buy or create a set of Farmhouse Barn Door Wall Plaque. This pair of wall plaques are perfect as wall art or framing a window with the appearance of rustic sliding doors. Barn Frame Ideas for DIY Photo Display Ideas will make this impressive rustic wall decor the focal point of any room.

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17. Turn your staircase into a statement

staircase photo display ideas diy
Photo from Instagram @therumah06

To showcase your most celebrated moments, turn an empty staircase wall into a contemporary gallery space. Be kind of inspired! With the two sets of decorative art prints included with each frame, DIY Photo Display Ideas will help you organise a beautiful wall gallery to show off your photos or favourite art prints or add a fresh look to any room.

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18. Photo Collage

photo collage wall decor diy
Photo from Instagram @picsbydk

We love photo collages, the bigger, the better. They make an excellent statement and work together with decoration. But we all find that the pictures still live on a monitor or USB drive too much, which makes us sad. And why not, then? Take your photos, put them on frames, and hang them on your living room wall.

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19. Cue the clothespins or clips

diy photo display ideas wall pictures
Photo from Amazon

This DIY Photo Display Ideas is a great way to show photographs or snapshots, arts, and a unique decoration of the wall that complements any space such as a home, office, or any room. It is a great wall mount for your walls where you would like to bring texture and interest to your bedroom, living area, workspace or anywhere. Share with your friends and family your favourite photographs, images, postcards, memos or artwork. It’s simple, yet so warm.

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20. Ceramic Tiles

diy photo display ideas unique - ceramic tile ideas

We can all agree, as much as we love photos on canvases, that it is not a particularly fresh concept. Find this DIY Photo Display Ceramic Tile Ideas so clever… not to mention easy, and affordable!

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Which DIY Photo Display Ideas will you use?

These creative ways to display photos with or without frames are just a start. We’d love to see how you use any of them in your space.

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