34+ Insightful Landscape Photography Ideas

Landscape Photography Ideas – Landscape photography has to do with people. You aren’t taking photos of individuals, but your goals is to show people your photos. When you bring a viewer right into a scene, giving them a feeling of what you saw. That is what we call landscape photography.

I love landscape photography. I love speaking to individuals about it, researching their photos, as well as studying from them. This is a hobby, yet it is also a way to see the world.

It might seems boring to stand beside your tripod in the center of the mountains. With no other people as far as you can see. Yet, at times like this, I have never ever felt like I was alone.

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What is Landscape Photography

Before taking a landscape photos, we must know what landscape photography is. We are not speaking about difficult meanings or how to apply the technique. So, what is landscape photography, and why is it so remarkable?

landscape photography ideas
Photo by Aditya Siva on Unsplash

Have you ever been out in the center of no place, bordered , without a single person around? It’s an insane feeling. You can take a look around the world, as well as you feel like you’re a part of it that is what we call a landscape.

Landscape photography is recording an image that embodies the spirit of the nature. It lugs a feeling of existing to see something unbelievable. When viewers see your photo, their hearts will jump. You want them to feel the same emotions that you felt. When standing in the center of nature and also reviving something fantastic.

Landscape photography is the art of recording a nature photos in a way that brings your viewer to felt it.

28 Lovely Landscape Photography Theme Ideas

28 Lovely Landscape Photography Theme Ideas

Black and White

Focus on the tone of the photo.

Black and White Landscape Photography Ideas


Select a color, and also take photos where that color is dominant in the picture.

Color Landscape Photography Ideas

Urban Expedition

Explore an isolated or dilapidated building (safely, of course).

urban landscape photography ideas
urban landscape photography ideas

Street Photography

A wonderful way to find out of your covering, so to speak; ask strangers to join fast, unscripted pictures.

Street Landscape Photography Ideas


You can choose food in restaurant or still life photography to shoot a photo.

Food landscape photography ideas

Letters or Numbers

These can be located on indicators, buildings and different other places. Attempt to assemble the whole alphabet! For an also larger difficulty, you can also take photos of items that begin with these letters rather.

Letter and number landscape photography ideas
Letter and number landscape photography ideas

Vintage Indications

Do some study in your local area, and see the amount of old signs from decades previous stay in your location. After that, photo the great deal! If there aren’t enough in your area, try capturing one-of-a-kind or interesting signs of any kind of age.

Vintage landscape photography ideas

Setup Scenes

This could consist of situational shots, classic entertainments, pinups … the possibilities are limitless.

Still life landscape photography ideas

Social Issues

Being homeless, abuse, alcoholism, you call it.

Social landscape photography ideas

Abstract and Theoretical

Right here’s your chance to be a little hefty in the Photoshop software. Take a photo up close, and go a little creative with photo editor software.

Abstarct landscape photography ideas

Lens Type

Select one lens and use a 50 mm is an excellent beginning factor, as it compels you to move as well as be selective. A specialty lens such as a fisheye can also make an interesting theme.

Fish eye lens landscape photography ideas
Fish eye lens landscape photography ideas


Harsh, smooth, serrated, rough, brick, wood, metal … there are lots of textures to shoot around.

Texture landscape photography ideas

Sunsets or Sunrise

No matter where you live, there are possibilities for magnificent sunset or sunrise. Try and explore it in which way you like.

Sunset landscape photography ideas
Sunset landscape photography ideas
Sunrise landscape photography ideas
Sunset landscape photography ideas


Instruments, concerts or even conceptual photos that invoke ideas of music.

Music landscape photography ideas


Happiness, unhappiness, delight, envy, there are so many theme that can made into your photos object.

Emotion landscape photography ideas
Emotion landscape photography ideas
Emotion landscape photography ideas
Emotion landscape photography ideas


Pick a period such as winter or summer season, and shoot a photos.

Winter landscape photography ideas
Summer landscape photography ideas
Spring landscape photography ideas
Fall landscape photography ideas


Glossy steel or mirrors, to be a representations of the object.

reflection landscape photography ideas

Skies and also Clouds

Skyscapes can be significant as well as stormy or light and also lovely. Capture as large a variety as you can!

sky landscape photography ideas
cloud landscape photography ideas


A challenging theme. Attempt catching nothing but the darkness of your subject. This can be versus a wall or on the ground, for example.

shadow landscape photography ideas
shadow landscape photography ideas

Self Portraits

Mix your self portrait and be creative with your surroundings as well as emotion.

self portrait landscape photography ideas
self portrait landscape photography ideas


There are lots of shapes to be found in nature, as well as man-made shapes. Attempt to collect as lots of as you can. You’ll be astonished to find how they’ve existed right in front of you all along.

shapes landscape photography ideas


Take a photo from one perspective, such as from the ground or from up high. Most of our shots happen at eye level, so try it on another perspective and be creative.

perspective landscape photography ideas


Another difficult theme. Ensure you have the right setups in position (proper ISO, high aperture to get a nice light).

nighttime landscape photography ideas


Historical buildings, bridges, city skylines and old churches are all excellent photos object.

architecture landscape photography ideas


Produce a theme based on your preferred vacation, be it Halloween, Christmas etc.

holiday landscape photography ideas


Some graffiti artist have nationwide fame for their works. There is generally no scarcity of this object as long as you live near a city.

grafitti landscape photography ideas

Specific Design

Choose one component of a structure like doors, windows, fences or chimneys. And try to make a great photos from it.

specific architecture landscape photography ideas

Tattoos as well as Piercings

People with tattoos usually have a history and definition on their tattoos. For example if that tattoo is a butterfly, so make a photo setup in garden.

tattoo and piercing landscape photography ideas

6 Theme Creative Nature Photography Ideas

6 Theme Creative Nature Photography Ideas

Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is an amazing filter and has been around along time ago. This type of photography is like the name, using infrared to capture a photos. You can not see the infrared spectrum with your eyes, but your DSLR camera can do it.

infrared nature landscape photography ideas

When using a DSLR camera you will either need to readjust the White Balance in it. Or using a photo editor software to make infrared effect.

Aerial Photography

Among the most effective angles in photography is a high angle looking down. This can bring about some terrific creative landscapes. The advancements in drone technology have been make a lot of people take an amazing photos from the sky. There are a couple of alternatives if you want to check out aerial photography yourself.

aerial nature landscape photography ideas

Airplanes – Take a photo from the window seat in the plane. Make sure you have a high shutter rate on camera. Remember you’re in a plane which moving fast so you need a rapid shutter rate to get a sharper photos.

Drones – Camera on a drone will made sure you get a high up photos, but the photos quality is low. Usually people attach their DSLR camera into a bigger drone so they made a better photos.


The concept of refraction to utilize a light through glass objects. You can create this effect with spherical glass or a glass full of water. The photo inside the refracting item will be upside-down. So it will be look like much better.

refraction nature landscape photography ideas

This is a method to catch a creative landscape since the photo had the qualities of a fisheye lens. Making use of a lens with a lengthy focal length will compress the scene.

Shoot a 360 Degree Panorama

This imaginative landscape concept utilizes post-processing to create a small earth result. The effect resembles the refraction suggestion, because you are creating a globe.

360 panorama nature landscape photography ideas

To develop this photo you will require a scenic landscape picture. The panoramic landscape will be developed by rotating the camera with 360 levels. Once you have your view it needs to be reformatted into a square photo, flipped upside-down. And then the polar collaborates filter must be applied in Photoshop. To locate this filter most likely to filter > misshape > polar works with.

Long Exposure

The different kinds of photos that are possible with long direct exposures will result in a burst of innovative landscape photography. All you need is a tripod, and a cam with the ability of taking lengthy exposure photos. The result of long direct exposure is to make points relocate. The primary subjects are vehicle light trails, water, and cloud activity. Currently, astrophotography is likewise lengthy exposure, yet you’ll learn more about that following.

Vehicles light – These are generated by taking photos that are generally five secs or longer.

long exposure nature landscape photography ideas

Water – Anywhere there is moving water, a long exposure can look nice. The sea and its waves can be squashed by utilizing long direct exposures over 10 secs.

Cloud motion – The faster the clouds move the simpler it is to catch this motion.


One of the most preferred types of photography landscapes is astrophotography. The current DSLR camera assist you to catch stellar skies photos with far better high ISO levels. Most prominent types of astrophotography is capturing the Galaxy or the rotation of star trail photos.

The Milky Way – Positioning the Galaxy in your structure can produce a creative landscape photo. The fundamentals are to shoot at the constellation of Sagittarius between March as well as October in the northern hemisphere. Utilize the biggest aperture you have, with direct exposures usually being 25 seconds long, and also an ISO of 6400 or higher.

astrophotography nature landscape photography ideas

Star trails – The purpose right here is to direct your DSLR camera at the north or southern throughout a long direct exposure. The photo can be an ultra long 15-minute direct exposure or a series of shorter ones. The most effective method is to take multiple 30 second direct exposures, and afterwards stack them together. StarStax is a good software that will assist you develop this sort of photo.

Which innovative landscape will you make?

There are lots of creative landscape photography ideas, which one will you choose to try? There are various other ideas we would certainly like to read about too, exactly how did you make an imaginative scene your own?


Successful landscape photography is composed of several elements. Such as area, composition, deep of field, lighting, equipment utilized as well as other elements. The last is take a landscape photo that make you happy !

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